Bimara has its activities in areas of Floor Care & White Goods, Electromechanical, Telecommunication, Automotive, Computers, Articles for fishing, Optics, common use (chairs, buckets, boxes) and storage devices.

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We are able to transform raw material by injection plastic process up to 4410 grams per cicle, with complete tool shop facilities for the manufacture / maintenance of injection molds. Our range of materials processed: PP homopolymer and copolymer, HDPE, LDPE, SAN, ABS, PC, PA (nylon) 6 /6.6, POM and PS.

  • Assembling
  • Art on surfaces: impressions by screen silk and tampo-printing, hot-stamping, welding by ultra-sound device.
  • Construction of thermoplastic injection tools and maintenance of molds and equipment in lending.
  • Available for try-outs and pilot lot developments.